The Power of Spoken Words-Heal your body with your words


Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof – Proverbs 18:21

Words are really two – edged swords – they can destroy or empower us.
Repeated words go directly to God, as prayers do. The other is that repetition fills the mind with a deeper intention that can create a good effect.

One of the most powerful healing tools we have are the everyday words we use. Although there is considerable research in this area, many in the medical health field know very little about the healing power of words. Positive words result in positive effects and negative words result in negative effects. How words are used can encourage health or advance illness.

There are over 700 papers in the medical literature emphasizing that the words we choose have a direct effect on our patient’s health. Positive words give hope and promote the healing process. Negative words extinguish hope and can create despair.

What makes words so powerful that they can change molecular structures? The body and the mind are not separable, as the research in the field of psychoneuroimmunolgy has powerfully demonstrated. Because thoughts themselves are electrochemical events, capable of initiating physical effects, this response is not only real but also powerful. It plays a part in ‘miracle cures,’ control of pain and other symptoms, spontaneous remissions from disease, and the effect we get from drugs.

When a doctor announces, “you have three months to live,” life suddenly comes to a grinding halt. Such words become the substance of your beliefs which in turn significantly impact your biology and your will to live. However, if you challenge those words, your body stands at least a fighting chance to beat the odds or create new ones.

A woman had developed a serious disease of the eyes. She was quickly going blind. Her physicians said there was nothing they could do. Being very determined and not liking what she heard, she turned to alternative therapies for a possible cure – something she never would have done had she not been in this desperate situation. During the consultation, she was asked by the physician to describe herself, her life, etc. She talked for about 10 minutes as the physician stopped her and said: “Did you know that in the last 10 minutes you said the words ‘I hate to see’ 15 times?” The woman was shocked. She used the words “I hate to see” before many things. “I hate to see the way the world is going.” “I hate to see how they are treating the children in schools.” On and on she made reference to “I hate to see” this or that. This was literally an eye opening experience. She switched her words and with the support of other complimentary therapies, now years later have perfect vision.

The words we speak are powerful forces of creation. If we could see the energy behind our words and how they command, are responded to and manifest, we would use them very carefully. Yet we use words as a method of communicating with each other and often unaware that we are also communicating on many other levels each time we speak. Every sound we utter sends out an energy wave that aids in creating our world.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”. You have no doubt heard this phrase at some time in your life, probably the most often in your childhood. Yet words do have the power to hurt us. Words are a powerful force and the powerful effects of negative words cannot be underestimated. We all know how horrid and degrading it feels to be called insulting names or be told that we are stupid or deficient in some way.

Every negative word you use against yourself is potentially a deadly weapon. It has the power to slowly chip away at your dreams and ambitions, your energy and your health. It is almost like a form of self-hypnosis whereby negative words begin to program your negative behaviour for the future. This effect of negative words can be likened to a heavy, gray cloud that settles over your whole life and refuses to shift. Each negative word makes the cloud heavier and darker until it swamps your whole life zapping away any pleasure or happiness. You stop appreciating the many blessings you do have in your life and once you lack gratitude the negativity becomes even more ingrained.

If you use negative words you owe it to yourself to begin to change that pattern. Surely you deserve to live your life in a more positive way? And surely it is time to become your best friend rather than an enemy and support yourself with positively? You are too important to waste your life due to the use of negative words and you have too much to offer the world to remain under a cloud of negativity. It is worthwhile to connect the dots between how you think and talk and what is unfolding in your life.

If you start to experience turmoil’s in your own life, take a look at WHAT you are saying and HOW you are saying it. Do not agree with someone just to be polite. Find a polite way to speak your own truth or don’t say anything at all. Train yourself to speak your desires fluently in all manners of language, which include your mannerisms, gestures, verbal responses and non-responses.

Avoid fueling verbal fires.Try spraying water on an argument with calm words instead of using a flame-thrower.Fighting Words: Arguments Can Affect Heart Health, Cancer Risk.

Scientists have known for at least a decade that stress can cause a rise in proteins that have been linked to cardiovascular disease, type-2 diabetes, arthritis and some cancers.

But psychologist Jennifer Graham at Penn State reports that choosing words that reflect thoughtfulness, or rationality, or perhaps just caring, can reduce the increase in proteins, called cytokines, such as Interleukin-6 and tumor necrosis factor-alpha. During stress, those proteins normally go up, thus impairing the immune system.

Over the past few decades, pioneering work in this area demonstrated that words not only impact health but also the vibration quality of words can influence the shape of life-giving water itself.

Words can heal or they can destroy. Dr. Masaru Emoto, an alternative medicine physician in Japan, has conducted years of research on the affect of words and music on the quality of water. The implications of his research create a new awareness of how we can positively impact the earth and our own personal health by the words that we speak.

Masaru Emoto Ph.D., has given humanity the scientific proof that has incredible potential to change the way we use our words. He has shown that positive words, like love and wisdom, literally spoken to liquid water then frozen cause the formation beautiful ice crystals.

Negative phrases like “you fool” or “you’re an idiot” result in poorly organized ice crystals. Interestingly, the ice crystals formed from the word “wisdom” in English, German and Japanese all look very similar. I think it is vitally important for people to recognize the effects their words and thoughts have on their health. Dr. Masaru Emoto’s visual perspective is all you need to get the idea of what we do to our cells when we feed them the wrong thoughts.

Which situation do you feel more healing:

Someone who puts you down all the time and criticizes you; or, someone who tells you how wonderful you are and how much they love you? If you are like me, you will choose the second scenario every time over the first.

It is important to choose your words carefully. Thanks to the work of Dr.Emoto many people on the planet are aware of how words affect water and because our bodies consist of 72% of water, words also affect our bodies.

Considering that adults are 72% water and, depending on age, children can be up to 95% water, maybe the words we use affect our actual physical structures and ultimately our health. Whether or not you can swallow Emoto’s water research, the metaphor is clear: If a sample of water becomes “polluted” from an unspoken curse, what happens when we are cursed or curse ourselves?

Based on these findings, it would seem that positive words improve not only your health but also the health of all of those around you. So, try using ten positive words when talking with family, friends and co-workers…every day. Do it for your health and the health of those you care about.

Imagine how your words affect your own body.
When you say, “I’m a failure,” or “I’m hopeless,” or “I won’t get well,” imagine how these words weaken your health. Make a choice to say the best words out there. Say often, “I’m wonderful,” and “I’m God’s child,” and “God has a great plan for my life!”

I encourage you to speak words of truth. Dethrone the lies in your mind. Say, “I have a great future.” Say, “I’m anointed. I’m strong. I’m blessed.”

With every sentence we speak we are improving or destroying our health, relationships, finances, etc.

Mental stress caused by negative words damages the immune system, raising blood pressure and accelerating the aging process.

Each nasty destructive word is carved in the insides of a person, its weaves itself into ones thoughts, breath, hopes and dreams. it’s toxic remnants seep insidiously through the veins and melds with ones DNA. Words wielded destructively can deconstruct and negatively reconstruct the human psyche with dire consequences.

Fuel For The Fire

Immeasurable damage can be done through a trivial piece of gossip. “For lack of wood the fire goes out; and where there is no whisperer, quarreling ceases”. Something might begin as idle talk, but through the addition of personal comments, half-truths and exaggerations it finishes up doing great damage. “A great forest can be set ablaze by a small fire”.

Be sure to taste your words before your spit them out.

One of the most powerful weapons to enhance your life is your own tongue!Practice speaking encouraging words to others and to yourself instead of negative ones.Concentrate on the qualities in other people, including to yourself that you can affirm and dwell on those things instead of on faults. This alone should do wonders in relieving stress in your relationships an in your life.What we say can have a permanent effect for good or for evil. Think back in your own life when someone encouraged you. You still remember what they said, don’t you?We store in our minds in a kind of mental art gallery what others have said to us. What words of yours would you like to have permanently installed in someone else’s mind?Want to free yourself from an entrapping verbal situation? Practice waiting a while before answering someone when you’re angry. Then carefully choose what you are going to say. Your reply could well be remembered for the rest of the other person’s life!

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