Beauty Detox – Smoothie for Glowing Hair and Skin – Video


Skin Care

Beauty and skin care go hand in hand, especially for those who want to show off their best with confidence. Starting good skin habits at a young age will contribute to younger looking skin in our not so young years later on.

Good eating habits of healthy organic foods too contribute to more beautiful younger looking skin. Besides good daily habits of serious skin care, there is also the very strong advise of skin cancer doctors to never smoke and always use skin protection in the sun.

Hair Care

Hair is probably one of the first things you notice about people when meeting them for the first time. This is especially true for women.

Beautiful and shiny hair always leaves good impression, which is why proper hair care is important. Also, good care of your hair plays an important part in having healthy hair and helps avoid extensive damage that can lead to hair loss. Regular washing with celebrity advertised shampoos and conditioners is not enough. To have a healthy, strong and shiny hair, you need to know how to care for it daily.

Juicing to maintain a beautiful Hair and Skin

Research done by St Andrews University highlighted the powerful effect of fruit and vegetables in our daily diets; volunteers who increased their consumption of fresh produce found that their skintone changed and ‘glowed.’ And it’s not just our skin that juicing can potentially improve; the increased vitamin content is widely reported to help with everything from hair growth and acne, to headaches and insomnia.

Source: April Athena (YouTube)

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