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Loose weight magically regardless of what you eat during the day time, just by eating a banana with a cup of warm water immediately after you wake up. This fantastic breakfast has incredible benefits. The yellow fruit, especially when it still has a touch of green, is the best sources of starch and healthy carbohydrates. This magical diet keeps you full stomach for a longer period.

This morning banana diet is very simple, cheap and stress free to help you lose more pounds and also will improve your overall health.The Morning weight loss diet was popular in Japan in 2008. This diet was developed by a well-known pharmacist and preventive medicine expert, Sumiko Watanabe from Japan, along with her husband who wanted to lose weight. He insisted eating a banana in the morning along with a cup of warm water, this experiment worked really well for him. With this diet, he lost 37 pounds.

The Japanese Morning Diet has become very popular among individuals who do not really want to go to gym. Obese people are usually advised to get involved in workout and exercise in order to burn more calories, but with this simple solution of eating a fresh banana and drinking a glass of water in the morning you can avoid this boring activity.

What are the rules for the morning banana diet?
Morning Banana Diet Plan is very simple and convenient to follow. All that you have to do is, just start your day by taking a fresh banana and warm water at room temperature in the morning. Have only raw and unfrozen bananas. This can solve all of your problems. Keep in mind that this will be the only intake of food and fluids till the lunch.

Bananas are rich in resistant starch, a substance that is promoting the weight loss efforts. There are basically two types of starch – resistant and digestible. Resistant starch passes down to the large intestine where it is fermented by bacteria in a process that forms butyrate. The short-chain fatty acid improve the condition of the gastrointestinal tract and nourish cells.

What is the amount of bananas you can have for breakfast?
There is no rule you should follow, just eat as many bananas you need to keep you full. Japanese have the rule of 80/20. They do not overload their stomach with food ,in order to avoid stomach problems.

Keep drinking water right after you get up from your bed in order to stimulate your metabolism. Then wait for about 60 minutes and have a banana. If you still feel hungry after 20 minutes, have another banana. Keep in mind that the bananas need to be fresh and raw. It is better to avoid alcohol and milk during this regimen,wine and beer can occasionally be consumed.

For lunch and dinner, feel free to eat anything you like, but eat until you’re satisfied, and not uncomfortably full.

Here’s Why This Morning Banana Diet Different and Unique:

  • Firstly bananas boost metabolism and promote digestion.
  • It is very healthy.
  • It’s packed with nutrients as well as easy to follow with.
  • Bananas are less expensive, so you don’t have to spend much in order to lose weight.
  • Bananas are rich in starch with low glycemic index.
  • Bananas are an excellent source of potassium and fiber and they can increase energy levels fast.
  • Bananas give a feeling of satiety and helps burn body fat.
  • Banana diet is also a great way to get rid of cellulite.
  • Finally bananas block the absorption of carbohydrates.

So why not lose weight with this simple tip.

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