Cancer-Causing Children’s Snacks Made from Petroleum-Based Products

Cancer-Causing Children's Snacks Made from Petroleum-Based Products

Every parent tries to give their child a healthy diet, this gifting has been thwarted by the fast food industries and mono agriculture. It has become very easy for these company market food directly to children through advertisements of TV, Radio, Internet, Clothing, Toys and even through movies and video games. Most of the products available in today’s market are coated with toxic ingredients like petroleum.

It is the duty of the parents to promote healthy eating habits by keep away these unhealthy foods from the reach of children. Parents must say No to artificial food coloring – colors used in food products are mainly laced with toxins from petroleum prodcts. Here are few products made from petroleum Fruit Loops, Jell-O, Kool-Aid, macaroni and cheese, popsicles, fruit roll-ups and Nutri-Grain cereal bars.

Petroleum no doubt can fuel your car, it definetly won’t fuel your body with good health. Therefore is a necessary to stay away from these products to ensure the health of your family.

There are endless products containing these dyes, but here are a few to watch out for:

1. Kraft’s Macaroni and Cheese: For many of us, the color of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese is the color of childhood. No doubt Kraft’s Macaroni and Cheese may be a delicious, easy, and cheap dinner alternative, but feeding your family with this popular snack is like slowly poisoning them. This product contains health hazardous carcinogenic petroleum that is derived from Yellow 5 and 6 food dyes. These artifical dyes pose a risk of cancer.

Kraft’s Macaroni and Cheese wikidok

2. Pop-Tarts: Another leading brand that kindles memories of childhood snacks is beloved Pop-Tarts.The Frosted Strawberry flavor contains such as corn syrup, dextrose, sugar and high fructose corn syrup, all of which have been linked to sugar addiction, diabetes and liver problems in children.Cherry-flavored Pop-Tarts contain Red 40, an artificial dye shown to cause cancer in rat experiments. It also contain Synthetic B6, composed of hydrochloric acid, formaldehyde and petroleum ester. So if you have any Pop-Tarts at home, better trash them and begin fresh.


3. Fruit Roll-Ups: These Fruit Snacks come in variety of “fruit” flavors and they maybe very hard to resist.They mostly consist of artificial additives and colors made from petroleum products – Red 3 is a commonly used food coloring, also known as E127 or Erythrosine, a petroleum product. Replace your child’s fruit-roll up with actual, nutritious fruit.

Fruit Roll-Ups

4. Cheetos: Why do you cheat your health with Cheetos. These yummy delicious organe chips contains Yellow 6, which is an artificial coloring derived from petroleum, the “cheese” flavoring, contains methyl benzoate and ethyl methylphenidate.


5. Pringles: Did you know that your favourite Pringles Potatoe Chips may contain acrylamide. It also contains dangerous food dyes like Red 40, which leads to allergic reactions and hypersensitivity in children.The U.S. Department of Health has also been previously declared that Red 40 is “reasonably anticipate” to be a human carcinogen.


The artificial coloring agents used in these products have been related to severe health issues, like allergies, cancer, and hyperactivity. Moreover they are two of the 6 food colorings that are banned in the UK. However, they are still freely used in the United States.

Additionally, they contain TBHQ, a petroleum-based product that leads to cellular dysfunction, and has been associated with vision loss, paralysis, tumors, liver enlargement, and convulsions in lab tests.

Contant use of these harmful artificial food colorings mainly in children’s snacks, seriously hamper the health of the children.

Hence, parents need to be cautious and avoid such snacks with dyes. Instead, show them the benefits of the taste of the natural rainbow, one of organic vegetables and fruits.

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