Never do these things before running!

 Never do these things before running!

Running is considered as one of the best form of exercise. Before starting the exercise, one needs to prepare their body for it. But in the process of becoming fit , we often make certain mistakes.

Here are a few things which we should not do before running:

Drinking too much water

One should not drink a lots of water before running as it can make you feel uncomfortable. Though drinking water throughout the day can be a great way to keep you hydrated, but avoid consuming drinks that contain too much sugar as it can increase your blood sugar levels.

Eating a heavy meal

Do not eat a huge meal too close to a run. Keep a gap of atleast one hour to pass after your meal before your start the exercise.

Static stretching

Static stretching is not a good warm up for a runner. Doing so can lead to slower starts and greater perceived effort. One cam do dynamic warm-up where you move your muscles through a wide range of motion to stimulate the running movement.

Not using the toilet

One should always make one last bathroom stop before you head out for running. Avoid drinking coffee before a run as caffeine can make you want to rush to the toilet during the exercise.

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