Eliminate Sinusitis In A Quick, Painless Way!

Eliminate Sinusitis In A Quick, Painless Way

Very often we can hear people complaining about pain around the sinus area. Regardless of the weather outside, it doesn’t matter if it’s cold, mild or hot outside people can suffer from sinusitis.

The sinuses are found in the nose area. They are also cavities filled with air. So, when the cavities get filled with fluids people immediately feel a strong pain which means that you have a bacteria or fungi which create an infection.

Sinus pain is a very common disease and the fact that approximately 40 million people in the USA are affected by it says enough. In the USA people spend around one billion dollars for medicines against this condition

 4 types of sinusitis:

Acute sinusitis– a condition which causes the stuffy nose, facial pain and you will need about one month to cure it.

Subacute sinusitis– Causes inflammation and you need one to two months to cure it

Chronic sinusitis– It is a swelling of the nasal area and you will need two to three months to get rid of it

Recurrent sinusitis-It comes back and forth constantly during the year

Right now we will present you a recipe which will help you get rid of sinusitis via natural way:

These are the ingredients you need:

  • Honey- one tablespoon, raw, organic
  • Lemon- one, organic, squeezed freshly
  • Coconut water- 1/2, organic
  • Cayenne pepper- one tablespoon
  • Apple cider vinegar- 1/4, organic

Here is how you should prepare it:

* Put the Coconut water in a pot and boil it. Afterward transfer it into a mug

* Add the apple cider vinegar into the mug. Make a nice mixture

* Let the mixture cool down to a room temperature

* After that put the cayenne pepper as well as the organic honey

* Finally, you will add the lemon juice and mix the medicine once again

This beverage should be used twice a day, one glass in the morning before breakfast, the other one before going to bed.

I really think you will like this nice, natural, beverage and once and for all you will eliminate this issue called sinusitis.

Good luck!

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